Find the right Reflexology school.

Once you have decided you want to become a Reflexologist, finding the right training establishment can be quite a minefield: Which level of qualification? Online or face-to-face tuition? how long do I need to train for? etc. This handy Top 10 aims to help answer these questions....and more: 1. Ensure the training establishment is offering a recogni...

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Step into your future

With over 20 years working in Education, I am the first one to admit it is packed full of acronyms & numbers with little or no explanation about what it all means; & yes, it's very confusing! So, if you are looking at stepping back into education for the first time in a while then don't worry, my aim is that within the next 5 minutes we wil...

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Spotlight of the month

We start our spotlight series with a visit to our venue in Kensington (Central London). We are proud to be the ONLY Central London College to be authorised to teach the accredited and Ofqual regulated Level 5 Practitioner Diploma in Reflexology – this is taught by our international Reflexologist, Amanda McAuley. Amanda is also an expert in and teac...

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The 'H' word

When you commit to studying to become a Reflexologist there are some obvious things to be expected: you will need to read lots of books, you will need to do practical exams, and you will have homework. Never did I expect to hear on the first weekend that when it comes to homework submissions 'creativity is welcome'. I'd been dreading the homework p...

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Just go with the flow!

Have you ever received Reflexology? Yes!  Did your mind calm down and tension melt away? Yes!  Well, guess what…your Reflexologist may just feel as content and restored as you! As Reflexologists, we focus our attention and concentrate on stimulating the flow of energy in the feet; we become fully immersed in the process and might even exp...

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 "You want to do what?!" That is what my lovely dad said when I asked him if I could borrow the money to enrol myself on the Jubilee College Level 5 Reflexology Practitioners' course. He clearly thought I was bonkers, and that it was possibly another one of my fads! Four years later, now I'm a qualified Reflexology Practitioner and Tutor, he l...

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The Case For Zones

I love the fact that because of Finger Free® Reflexology I get to travel all over the UK and also get to teach in many wonderful places in the rest of the world. There is one thing that is disturbingly common though, and that is the lack of knowledge in one of the key foundations to Reflexology......the Zones. It seems that most schools teach Zones...

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