The 'H' word


When you commit to studying to become a Reflexologist there are some obvious things to be expected: you will need to read lots of books, you will need to do practical exams, and you will have homework.

Never did I expect to hear on the first weekend that when it comes to homework submissions 'creativity is welcome'.

I'd been dreading the homework part of the course as I had no idea how I was going to fit it in, what with a full time job and all. But hearing that we could be creative completely reframed how I approached and thought about the H word. I ended up looking forward to submitting physiology write ups and writing essays. My historic tendency to put submissions off and working right up to deadline changed.

Being creative was not essential, but it was not excluded or frowned upon either. This is Jubilee College all over: inclusive, welcoming and encouraging.

One of my favourite submissions was a poem. Today, I am going to share it with you.

What am I?

I grasp. I clasp. I clench. I point

Like fellow primates, I have an opposable joint

I high five with my palms and I clap in praise

I have ten digits that I use every day

I type. I wipe. I rub. I wave

In a game of football I make the save

I have 5 elongated metacarpal bones linking me to my wrist

I go up and down and bend and twist

I write. I prod. I hold. I press

When things are dirty, I clean up the mess

I have thenar muscles to stabilise and align

I have long flexor tendons to bend and sign

I paint. I knit. I fix. I trace

When I conduct an orchestra I set the pace

I have two of myself, sometimes I have one (or none)

I dance around when I hear a top song

I pull. I clutch. I build. I spin

I am used to cover ears to block out the din

I have 14 phalanges on one of me

I do so many jobs and I do them for free

I lift. I snap. I play. I feel

Apparently I am useful when eating a meal

I am full of nerve endings, I feel hot and cold

I have a median, radial and ulner, they help sculpt and mould

I massage. I relax. I calm. I sense

I can act as a launch pad to jump over a fence

I spasm sometimes, on occasion I break

I have the ability to give, and to take

I churn. I mix. I pet. I tie

When tears tumble down I wipe them clear from the eye

I make shadow puppets and I draw names in the sand

Yes you guessed it…

I am a hand

Rosie O'Connor, Jubilee College Alumnus 2019


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Friday, 24 March 2023

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