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Amanda McAuley

amanda teaches reflexology in central LondonAmanda McAuley is a level 5 Clinical Reflexologist(2015), and fully qualifier tutor. She is also a Reiki Master(2014), Holistic Health Coach (2019), Meditation Leader(2016), a Massage Therapist (2015. She is also an Inspirational Speaker, a Harley Street Reflexologist, sits on the Reflexology Board of the CNHC (the UK regulator for Complementary Therapies) and she is also a Lecturer teaching Reflexology at St Mary's University, London.

After she received her first Reiki treatment in 2013, it completely change her life and she began her own studies and developed her own natural ability to perform Reiki to help others gain the benefits for themselves It was at this point her holistic journey began. She passionate about meditation and helping other people achieve their own state of inner peace though this practise and aid them to recognise the health benefits. Amanda opened her own Clinic in 2016 Called In Perfect Harmony, where she offered the above services, and also ran a Reiki clinic where she had regular GP referrals. Her brand remains a part of her philosophy.

st marys university

Amanda is a sought after individual and works internationally - regularly in demand in Europe and the USA. We are so grateful to have Amanda here in London where she is currently focussed on creating On-line meditation platforms and through her website to deliver her teaching. Amanda has been described as a universal goddess who’s mission it is to heal, aid and treat others. We are so happy to have Amanda as part of our team at Jubilee College, and we know that anyone who takes her class will not be disappointed and will be taught to the highest standards. Amanda can be contacted on 07415718263 and at

For treatment bookings with Amanda you can visit her clinic website at