Dorothy kelly reflexology tutor at belfastDorothy Kelly

Dorothy teaches at the Belfast venue - our Sister school Dorothy Kelly Academy of Reflexology

Dorothy has a background in the NHS with 41+ years standing, working at management level both in primary and secondary care. She is a highly qualified Reflexologist and Naturopathic Consultant of 16+ years experience and is a notable local trainer, achieving the Diploma in Education and Training (Dieat) to ensure professional teaching of CPD and the Level 5 course while continuing in her private practice clinics in Belfast, Dromore and Tandragee.

Her Fertility Course is the first standalone course to be approved by CThA as well as recognised by FHT in the UK. Dorothy has a strong desire to raise the profile and standard of Reflexology in Ireland and has facilitated CPD courses by other notable reflexology educators from the mainland providing up to date relevant post graduate training over the past few years.

Working closely with husband, Dave, also a Naturopathic Consultant, Bowen Technique Practitioner, Emmett Technique Practitioner and a Master Teacher of Reiki in the style that he has developed (Shamanic) who teaches the A&P part of the course. She is delighted to have been selected to bring the Level 5 Reflexology to both parts of North and Southern Ireland; to be a Partnership Centre with Centralia and to offer the Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level 5). This is the highest level of Reflexology training available in the UK whilst all of the other schools in the province of NI teach at Diploma Level 3. Now you can have a clear advantage with the Mastership at Level 5!

For more information on the courses Dorothy runs in Belfast and Dublin, please call her on 07967 736796 or email