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Jubilee College is delighted to welcome Sam Belyea back to the UK with three exclusive dates.

This classes will be taught by international best-selling author and Dual-Nationally Certified Reflexologist Sam Belyea. During the weekend, students will receive instruction on Foot Reading theory, mapping, technique and basic consultation skills. Students will leave with Foot Reading basics that can be integrated into a pre-existing routine or stand alone as a full session offering. More than just a foot massage, Reflexology allows students to assess the body through the feet by palpating reflex areas for tension. Incorporating Foot Reading also allows practitioners to provide virtual consultations and be more targeted in their approach to pain management, while helping clients relax through a non-invasive series of techniques that help create deeper self-healing strategies. Perfect for beginners looking to broaden their scope, or veterans who need to give their hands a break, the power of reading feet is a must have tool in any bodyworker's toolkit.

Cost for the weekend's course - $225

 York (Holiday Inn) - 19th & 20th February - To book direct on Sam's website, Click Here.

Leicester (Holiday Inn) - 26th & 27th February -To book direct on Sam's website, Click Here.

London (The Hilton, Kensington) - 5th & 6th March - To book direct on Sam's website, Click Here.


What to bring: A Reflexology chair or massage table, sheets/pillow/bolster for table, writing utensils, hand sanitizer, snacks/food/water and a learning attitude. PDF handouts will be provided via email before class for students to print. Should you have any additional questions, please email Sam at


About Sam Belyea

sam foot whisperer teachingSam Belyea is the owner and Training Director of The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute in Tampa, FL, as well as an internationally recognized lecturer and author of the book Foot Reading: A Reflexology Primer on Foot Assessment. After becoming a massage therapist in 2009, Sam specialized in Reflexology because of the wonderful insights and results the feet and hands gave during his sessions. After becoming Dual-Nationally Certified through the American Reflexology Certification Board, Sam developed his own Face and Ear Reflexology techniques and maps to complete the four classic schools of Reflexology from a Western perspective.

Always integrating humor and respect for the mental/emotional components of pain during his classes, Sam is a beloved live and online bodywork teacher with backgrounds in Physical Therapy, Yoga, Herbalism and energy related health modalities.

Can't make any of the above dates?

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CPD Points

This course will give: PR delegates 16 points, AOR 16 points,


 Please note, you are booking direct with Sam and not with Jubilee College Ltd when using the booking buttons on this page. For more details about Sam and his terms and conditions, please visit