Limbic Reflexology CPD

Jubilee College is proud to host Hamish Edgar at our venues for his fabulous CPD course.

Limbic Reflexology Training is an AOR approved CPD course for Reflexologists. The Course provides insights into the complex processes of the brain and offers a range of precision Limbic brain reflex areas and the techniques for working those areas.

The restoration of homeostatic norms is the goal of any Reflexology approach and the limbic brain networks are at the centre of these homeostatic processes. Now we can connect with those altered brain networks that underpin many of those complex disabling conditions that our clients present, including emotional disturbance, traumatic memory, pain, and chronic pain.

Limbic Reflexology is based on sound medical science, and finds its rationale, and is informed by, up-to-date research in neuroscience with the efficacy of our treatments being evidenced by the use of widely accepted outcome measures. Both the neuroscience research and the outcome measures form an important part of the training.

Limbic processes are involved in regulating almost any physiological process. As such, the Limbic brain is the control centre for homeostatic norms. Research any condition and you will find altered homeostatic processes which are regulated by Limbic processes. Chronic pain conditions, Parkinson’s disease, spectrum disorders, migraine, Trigeminal neuralgia, depression and anxiety, PTSD, OCD - all involve altered function in the limbic networks. Limbic Reflexology allows us to get to the heart of the problem.

Hamish says: "I often liken it to a flooded kitchen: We can mop up the floor each week or we can more effectively go to the source of the flooding and turn off the tap. So, for example, in chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia or M.E/CFS, it is well known that the exaggerated experience of pain and fatigue is created by central sensitisation in the limbic brain circuits and processes. So, by including the the Limbic reflex areas in our treatment, we can influence the altered Limbic circuits underpinning the problem. By incorporating Limbic reflex areas into your existing practice, it gives you the opportunity to connect with those networks and nuclei which are intimately involved in the powerful homeostatic influences of the Limbic brain."

There are three modules in the training - Online study of the reflex areas and techniques, practical workshop to hone these skills and two submitted case studies to deepen your knowledge, understanding and application.

The online foundation module covers all the Limbic reflex areas and working techniques including video tutorials on each of the 30 reflex areas.

On the two day practical workshop, you hone your skills in locating the Limbic reflex areas and application of technique and prepare for appropriate case studies.

Case studies
This is where the real learning occurs with the transformation from knowing to doing. Detailed guidance on completion of case studies is included in both the online module and on the practical days.



Venue Workshop including Online foundation fee is £350 reduced to £320 when booked before the early bird deadline for your chosen workshop. If booking Venue Workshops separately, or as a refresher, the fee is £150, reduced to £120 If you book the workshop before the early bird deadline.

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Course Dates and Venue:

10 & 11th September  2022 - London, Kensington - Hilton Hotel

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20 & 21 May 2023 - Coton, Cambridge
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Please note: You will be booking directly with Hamish Edgar and not Jubilee College, so will be agreeing to his terms and conditions rather than Jubilee College's.


CPD Points

AoR AprovedAs the training is an AOR Approved CPD course, the workshop earns 24 CPD points plus points to reflect the time spent on online study and case studies. When you book the workshop, you are automatically enrolled in the online module.



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