speech leftI have had the opportunity to study reflexology three times in the last 11 years! I am sure if you reading this, you are probably thinking why? in 2007/2008 i was one of the first ever graduates of Jubilee College, the course was year long at level 3. The course was detailed and the curriculum comprehensive. Due to various challenges in my life, Reflexology was put on hold until five years ago.

At this stage i returned back to studying and wanted to refresh my skills and completed a VTCT level 3. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the tutors were great and knowledgeable, the actually curriculum was limited and I could not help but make comparisons to my previous qualification. The VTCT course was only 7 weeks long. I passed the qualification after completing the 100 case studies ( 200 completed so far!) but still did not feel confident when treating specific conditions, I was unsure of which reflexes to work and was lacking confidence.

In 2017, I spoke to David Wayte and talked to him about my lack of confidence. He reassured me, advising me that my qualifications did not need updating. I asked about the level 5 and made the decision to enrol. The difference between the level 3 and level 5 was apparent from the onset of the course , the length (level 5 is a year), the amount of homework (lots!), the curriculum was very in depth, detailed and hardwork. I learnt about my treatment plans, which was new to me and which reflexes to work for specific conditions. I feel so much happier, have a greater understanding and am so thankful for completing the level 5.   speech right

Joanne - Nottingham 2017