speech leftHi David, Hope you are well, just a note to share my reflexology journey with you & a bit of inspiration for students!

Since training with you back in 2010 I have provided treatments in various locations.

Along side my day job I worked with a midwife for a few years providing maternity reflexology to pregnant ladies, as part of a private midwifery service.

A few years ago I decided to train as a beauty therapist & after gaining my qualifications I applied for a job at Aqua Spa Center Parcs. Out of 74 applicants I got the job as I had my Reflexology qualification & this is an increasingly popular treatment at the spa with only a few therapists qualified to provide it! (£65) per treatment! I have been working there since April & I love it! The clients lie down on the couch with the lights dimmed, I use a sanitiser spray then wipe their feet with hot mitts as a welcome touch.

All of my reflex treatments have given me outstanding & positive feedback - some of the comments have been: ‘It’s so nice to get proper reflexology’ ‘That was the best reflexology I’ve ever had’ Even a fellow reflexologist from up north said the treatment was amazing.

Today I called in my guest, who was in a very large electric wheelchair with a carer. He had motor neurone disease & could only communicate through his computer. I adapted the treatment by sitting on the floor raising his legs up with bolsters enabling me to give the reflexology! His comments were: through the computer voice: ‘what button have you just pressed - that was bloody amazing’ (His adrenal gland reflex)