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"I can't speak highly enough of David and Jubilee College. David is so approachable and friendly - I instantly felt able to ask him questions if I didn't understand something or if I needed to go over any of the techniques again. The course DVD was also invaluable as it helped to practice in between classes.

The course involves a lot of hard work, but it's very thorough and if you are willing to put in the effort it's worth every second. Everything just seemed to click into place for me after I'd completed the case studies. It's good to know that I have been taught by someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about reflexology. Thanks to David's encouragement and inspiring classes I now have the confidence to change career and work as a reflexologist, something I didn't think would be possible when I first started the course, but here I am AOR registered and ready to go!"

JB - Manchester September 2008

speech leftI just want to say how much I have enjoyed the whole course and have found the quality of the resources and teaching absolutely superb. I have learnt more about anatomy and physiology than I ever did when I trained to be a nurse and this combined with the reflexology techniques I have been taught has given me the tools (and confidence) to deliver the best reflexology treatment I can to my clients. Thank you David!speech right

JB - Sheffield 2012

 speech leftI think the overall standard of the course was of the highest quality. I definitely made the right decision by choosing Jubilee College to carry out my reflexology studies. I received a high quality learning experience with a well-designed syllabus which provided a good balance between the practical experiences and in-class theory and assessments.

My tutor was a Master Practitioner of Reflexology with an amazingly in-depth knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology and pathologies of which she has conscientiously passed on with such enthusiasm and love. It is this enthusiasm and love of reflexology that has made the course worth every penny. I feel very privileged to have been taught at Jubilee College. speech right

JR - Manchester 2013

"Jubilee College is THE leading school in the UK to qualify as an AOR Clinical Practitioner. I definitely recommend the 'expert tuition' of David Wayte and his lovely wife Marie (for anything Aromatherapy!). Not only are his courses bulging with fascinating facts, information and visual aids; David has a wonderful sense of humour, patience, understanding and really encourages all his students to persevere and succeed!"

JT - Leeds March 2010

speech leftI want to say how much I've enjoyed the Reflexology course, I feel that I am at the start of a wonderful journey and that is mainly due, I think, to the excellent training we have had with Jubilee College, so a big thankyou to everyone concerned.speech right

JY - Manchester 2013