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speech leftI'm so glad I chose Jubilee college and David Wayte as my tutor. After graduation I felt that I'm ready to go out there and start working. David's enthusiasm is infectious. :) He is very supportive and encouraging. In the classroom there will be lots of laughter and fun, but between the lessons hard work and total determination is required. But in the end it will be worth it. :) If you want to study reflexology to the highest standard, Jubilee college is the right place to do it. :) speech right

IS - Sheffield 2016



speech leftThoroughly recommend Jubilee College if you want to learn in-depth reflexology. My tutor Katy Wayne has been so supportive throughout the year and has become a great friend. She is so approachable and helpful- I couldn’t have wished to be taught by a better person. Katy made learning such fun. This is not a course for those who expect an easy time of it but it is worth the journey and with Katy showing us the wonders of reflexology, it’s been a fabulous experience. Thanks to you so much !! speech right

Donna 2021


speech leftAt 51 years of age, I decided on a career change and knew Reflexology was what I wanted to do. After extensive research on different colleges, I decided on Jubilee College. Before enrolling, I spoke to David on the phone and he immediately put my mind at rest about all my concerns. Admittedly, I was a little anxious as I hadn't been in a study environment for 30 years! From the moment I met David, I knew I'd made the right decision; his passion, knowledge and teaching methods were second to none. He made us all feel extremely comfortable and each class was a mixture of great laughs and hard work! A year later, I am astounded at what I have learnt and the confidence I have gained and have loved every minute of the journey....I have absolutely trained with the best. So if you're ready for some hard work, being dedicated to the course and wanting the very best and highest training possible, then I highly recommend Jubilee college  speech right

JD - Nottingham 2017



speech leftI have had the opportunity to study reflexology three times in the last 11 years! I am sure if you reading this, you are probably thinking why? in 2007/2008 i was one of the first ever graduates of Jubilee College, the course was year long at level 3. The course was detailed and the curriculum comprehensive. Due to various challenges in my life, Reflexology was put on hold until five years ago.

At this stage i returned back to studying and wanted to refresh my skills and completed a VTCT level 3. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the tutors were great and knowledgeable, the actually curriculum was limited and I could not help but make comparisons to my previous qualification. The VTCT course was only 7 weeks long. I passed the qualification after completing the 100 case studies ( 200 completed so far!) but still did not feel confident when treating specific conditions, I was unsure of which reflexes to work and was lacking confidence.

In 2017, I spoke to David Wayte and talked to him about my lack of confidence. He reassured me, advising me that my qualifications did not need updating. I asked about the level 5 and made the decision to enrol. The difference between the level 3 and level 5 was apparent from the onset of the course , the length (level 5 is a year), the amount of homework (lots!), the curriculum was very in depth, detailed and hardwork. I learnt about my treatment plans, which was new to me and which reflexes to work for specific conditions. I feel so much happier, have a greater understanding and am so thankful for completing the level 5.   speech right

Joanne - Nottingham 2017



speech leftStudying with Caroline at Jubilee College has been absolutely amazing. Two years ago I decided to start on a path of learning holistic therapies, I completed my reiki levels 1 and 2 and then turned to reflexology. After a lot of searching and digging around I felt that it was a no brainer to choose Jubilee College to train with and I'm so glad I did. Right from lesson 1 Caroline was amazing. She is so warm, kind and caring and has extensive knowledge about anatomy and physiology as well as reflexology, and her passion for this is really obvious within the classroom. As a personal tutor Caroline has also been a God send, she is always there to chat to about any concerns or grievances, my work was always sent back quickly with good feedback on how to improve and little pointers on things to include that might make your treatment just a little better. Caroline has been an absolutely fantastic teacher, I can't thank her enough for all her hard work and support over the previous year. speech right

Jennifer 2021