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speech leftI have just completed the Level 5 Centralia Mastership under the guidance of the superb David Wayte. Professional, enthusiastic, funny and completely committed to the cause of reflexology. I simply don't think there could be anyone teach this course and pass on their wealth of experience in such an informative and engaging way. Reflexology is lucky to have him. Thank you David for a wonderful year.  speech right

KP - Nottingham 2017



speech leftHi David, Hope you are well, just a note to share my reflexology journey with you & a bit of inspiration for students!

Since training with you back in 2010 I have provided treatments in various locations.

Along side my day job I worked with a midwife for a few years providing maternity reflexology to pregnant ladies, as part of a private midwifery service.

A few years ago I decided to train as a beauty therapist & after gaining my qualifications I applied for a job at Aqua Spa Center Parcs. Out of 74 applicants I got the job as I had my Reflexology qualification & this is an increasingly popular treatment at the spa with only a few therapists qualified to provide it! (£65) per treatment! I have been working there since April & I love it! The clients lie down on the couch with the lights dimmed, I use a sanitiser spray then wipe their feet with hot mitts as a welcome touch.

All of my reflex treatments have given me outstanding & positive feedback - some of the comments have been: ‘It’s so nice to get proper reflexology’ ‘That was the best reflexology I’ve ever had’ Even a fellow reflexologist from up north said the treatment was amazing.

Today I called in my guest, who was in a very large electric wheelchair with a carer. He had motor neurone disease & could only communicate through his computer. I adapted the treatment by sitting on the floor raising his legs up with bolsters enabling me to give the reflexology! His comments were: through the computer voice: ‘what button have you just pressed - that was bloody amazing’ (His adrenal gland reflex)


speech leftWhat a great tutor Deborah is! Thoroughly enjoyed my year studying with Jubilee College on the level 5 Mastership Reflexology course. Deborah, with her knowledge and kindness will give the best course ever! Thank you so much Jubilee College. speech right

Sarah 2021


speech leftOnce I had made the decision that I wanted to train as a reflexologist I knew I wanted to train to the highest level possible and attain a professional qualification that would equip me with the skills and knowledge to operate as a Clinical Reflexologist. It was therefore important for me to also acquire a good grounding in anatomy and physiology and study a course that had rigour and depth so that I would be able to operate in my field with confidence and skill. The level 5 course with Jubilee College ticked all the boxes. From the outset we launched into quality material that sets this course apart. The theory aspect of the course was covered in alot of depth with plenty of course notes given for future reference and the practical application of reflexology also starts from day 1 which I really appreciated. You definitely get tonnes of practice on fellow students until you reach a high level of competence in your ability to deliver reflexology to members of the public. David Wayte is a fantastic teacher: highly knowledgeable in his field; demonstrates so much passion in his subject knowledge and wider afield; very attentive and helpful and has a great sense of humour. This is not a course, however, for the faint hearted in that you cannot earn the title of Clinical Reflexologist with a Level 5 Mastership without putting in a huge amount of effort and rolling out some solid work. Pathology tables; case studies; essays on all the systems in the body - the work is definitely heavy at times, combined with the practical application of the treatment. But one thing is for sure - it is all worth it on the end! You reap the rewards of it when you are working professionally as a therapist and you really get to feel like a Professional having acquired so much experience and knowledge and skills from the course. I look back now and at all my files of notes and case studies and wonder how on earth I achieved all that because truly you do feel as though you have achieved something worthwhile at the end of it. I thoroughly enjoyed studying this course, even though it was really tough at times and I would sincerely recommend Jubilee College to anyone interested in training to be a Clinical Reflexologist of the highest calibre!  speech right

SJ - Sheffield 2017



speech leftI'm a recent graduate of Jubilee College (Sheffield, Class of 2018), I now run my own 2 year old successful Holistic Therapy Practice.

Studying for my Level 5 Clinical Mastership in Reflexology at Jubilee was the BEST career move I ever made! David Wayte is an absolutely inspirational teacher, and one of the leading lights of the International Reflexology Community. He brings decades of experience, knowledge and his trademark humour to each lesson, really bringing your learning to life and making it so easy to study. If you are ready to up-level into a new career as a Reflexologist that is both professionally and financially rewarding, then you couldn't find a better Tutor or a better College.

It has taken a lot of hard work and commitment in the two years since I graduated to build up a loyal client base; but if I can do it, anyone can, and with your Level 5 qualification from Jubilee, there really are no limits to your success. Good luck to anyone signing up, it will unlock a whole new life for you! speech right

Vicky Rawcliffe