"When I first enrolled to do this reflexology course I didn't expect it to take over my life.

I have lived, breathed and slept Reflexology. I have never studied so hard in my life, spending every weekend on the computer typing up my hard work, but I cannot stress the amount of pleasure it has given me. It is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made.

I have made some good friends on the course, and hopefully will continue to keep in touch when the course is over.  We have all laughed together and learned together.

I will soon be free to spend Saturdays and Sundays doing the garden and washing my car, as both has been neglected over the last 10 months, but will I enjoy it as much?

I doubt that very much"

SP - Nottingham - June 2008

"David Wayte - what can I say?

I enrolled on the reflexology course because I am a firm believer in complementary therapies and wanted to acquire a skill and a qualification to be able to practise reflexology and earn a living.

Whilst I have a background in adult education, it was a long time since I had been in the classroom, and it was strange how nerve wracking it felt at the start.

David very quickly put us at our ease, with his slightly strange brand of humour! He was always happy to answer our questions, however basic or ridiculous they seemed, and so we felt encouraged to ask more.

Whilst a fair amount of the course content was factual and heavy going (eg systems of the body), he would try and vary the teaching style and bring along quizzes (with chocolate for prizes!) or slides and other graphics.

He was extremely helpful regarding the regular course tests, always going over the answers thoroughly, so we could see where we had gone wrong.

The practical assessments caused particular anxiety, and he managed to make us feel that we actually knew more than we realised, which was good for our confidence. And whilst he had to pull us up on things we were doing wrong, he always did it with humour and kindness.

I would happily recommend any course run by David."

G G -Sheffield -August 2007