Find a Reflexologist

Find a Reflexologist

If you are wanting to be assured of the best in Reflexology treatments, you will be hard pushed to find a better qualified Reflexologist than one who has trained at our College

All of the following therapists have exceeded the requirements for membership to the Association of Reflexologists, and are fully qualified and insured. On the side-bar to the right, you can find a Reflexologist near you by clicking on the county you live in - Reflexologists are then listed in random order.

If you know the name of a Reflexologist, town/city or first part of a postcode, you can use the search facility that is right at the bottom of this page:

Alison Savage GJC PRM CRM5

7 Pennyroyal Way 51 Milton CrescentKirkby In Ashfield
NG15 9BA

Tel: 01623 238549
Mob: 07460 340783



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